Thursday, December 9, 2010

Under The Palm Tree

Since I finished all my finals early (yey!), I treated myself to some new Lilly. Now, I wasn't a fan of much from Resort, so thanks to UTPT, I now have all the things I did like (at 40%!!! off!)
If you want to get in on the deals, just friend them on Facebook; they are having a different Lilly deal for the 12 days of Christmas! We are on day 6 now and each day has been full of some great deals (Shere sweaters at 40% off, Murfees at 20% off, Multi See Me at 40% off). And the girls at UTPT have the best service! They send things out so quickly; I remember one time I ordered on a Wednesday morning and had the item by Friday afternoon! Kansas to Pennsylvania in 2 days!!!

I got a few things for myself...

Paley Cardigan

Wayles Dress

Adleson Dress
Shiva crop pant

Moira skirt
Pierre Cardigan (a girl can never have too many cardigans!)
Shift Magnets (I have been wanting these for a while!)

I know, Christmas is almost here and I shouldn't be buying myself goodies, but I think I deserved them after the rough fall semester I had. And at 40% off, my hubby would never be able to get these items at such a great price!

Head over to Under the Palm Tree to stock up on some great deals for Christmas (and maybe a little something for yourself!)


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  1. I LOVE everything you bought! Especially the Moira skirt! C.Oricco is having a sale too, but UTPT has the better deals.