Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Lilly

Well, I finally decided which dress to get under the UTPT sale...

The Ava Dress Printed!!!

It look me forever to choose; I lamented for days over which to pick but this one seems the best for for me; long enough to wear to for work since I am up and down in the book stacks all day but short enough I don't feel like an old lady!

In other news, I'm back to school and I wore my Pandamonium skirt today and I am devastated!!! I somehow got a hole near the hem line! Its not huge but I don't know how it happened at all! I guess I won't wear too much Lilly to work anymore; every time I do, something seems to get damaged; who knew library work was so dangerous to your clothes health! HA!

What new fall clothes; Lilly and otherwise are you loving this upcoming fall????


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Lilly Deal!

Under the Palm Tree is having another great fall special until August 31; 30% off any one fall item and I am sooo torn about which dress to get.

I equally love both but the tunic seems more practical for fall and moving into winter; since I do live in PA not FL like Lilly did (I only wish!!!).

What do you think??? And what great deals are you getting on your new fall Lilly???


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tory Burch Fall Love!!!

I was in the mall today and saw a sale sign at Tory (I can never resist a sale!). I stopped in; didn't buy anything on sale; as usual, but I did get another pair of Reva flats; leopard print!!! So darling! I wear a lot of black in the winter so these will be a great way to dress up an otherwise boring outfit.

But then I fell in love with the following three pairs of boots. I think I will be extremely broke for the next few weeks!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pink and Green: Lilly Sale Edition!

Well, everyone else is sharing their finds from the big Lilly sale; so here's mine!!

I feel like the pants and capris are boring, but sometimes one needs to be practical!
And I picked up white McKims; I feel like one can never have too many pairs of white sandals when it comes to summer Lilly!!
What goodies did you get???


PS, I did get two monopoly games...maybe for a giveaway soon!!! Yey!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Reading List

I may not be going back to school after having read my list of AP required summer reading books as I once did, but this summer, I had a list of personal must-reads and thanks to my nook, I read almost all of them! (I'm no good at book reviews, so please excuse how unprofessional they sound!)

Mrs. Astor Regrets: The Hidden Betrayals of a Family Beyond Reproach: Amazing! This book was juicier than fiction and soap operas! I didn't know much about the Astor family when I began this book but now I feel like I know them and all about their tawdry past!
Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman: This is one of two books I haven't gotten to yet! I downloaded it a few days ago, and after my finals are over, I can't wait to start on it!
Water for Elephants: A Novel: I know I am so behind on reading this book but wow. It was an amazing story and flew by! Now I know what all the hype was about!
Charlie St. Cloud: A Novel: This was a so-so book. It was so slow for the first 150 pages, I almost gave up on it. Lots of sailing jargon and references and as much as I wish I was a sailor, I'm not and it went right over my head. The second half was good and enjoyable. Overall, a 6.5 out of 10!
Breakfast at Tiffany's: A Short Novel and Three Stories: I always wanted to read Breakfast at Tiffany's and so I did! I still think the movie's better than the book! (but don't tell my students I said that! :-x )
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: The other one I didn't get to; I hear its fantastic!
And my guilty pleasure: Pretty Little Liars #8: Wanted: Loooove this series and now that its over, I'm a bit sad. But it was fun and the killer is a mystery till the end!
How about you?? What books did you read this summer? Any recommendations for me???


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Endless Summer Sale!!

Well, as many of you have already heard, the Endless Summer Sale starts Tuesday, August 15 at 10 AM for fb friends, 11 AM for email and 12 noon is open to the public.

I'm pretty bummed because I work till 2 on Tuesday and won't have computer/internet access; but I have my summer wardrobe pretty well stocked up. Are you excited/hoping for anything???


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soaking up the last days of freedom!

Well, its finally hitting me that my summer is almost over! And as I only have another three weeks or so to wear my Lilly (my school is conservative and anything that hits above the knee is a no-no; so most of my Lilly is out!) I have been wearing a dress everyday! And I finally broke down and bought the Sullivan Dress on sale.

This dress is amazingly comfy! I now know why people were dying for it at the beginning of the summer.

Anyone on Rue La La today for some Jack Rogers? I stopped by but was unimpressed. The only thing I liked was a pair of flats but they weren't in my size. I feel like RLL really doesn't have enough stock and sizes for most of the recent sales.

On another note, I have been reading all over about Jacks VS Bonannos. I have a few pairs of Jacks because I am leery about ordering foorwear online and there isn't a store carrying Bonannos near me; so can anyone tell me why one or another? Or even why there's this huge 'cult' following for Bonannos? I think Bonannos have an awesome story but haven't had the chance to compare them in person. (Please give me all your open and honest opinions on both brands; I am interested in buying the best/most comfortable sandals out there!!)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book of the month clutch!

Well, with vacation and everything going on, I totally forgot kate spade was coming out with their book of the month clutches. I think they are soo adorable! I went to the ks at the mall and the only one they had left was Great Expectations (and there was only one of those!!!); out of the three options, it was the one I originally waned, but I would have liked to look at the others just to see the different interiors! There are rumors there will be another added in September, Emma, but no one I've talked to has really heard anything about that.

I can't wait for fall to break this bad boy out! And I am anxiously awaiting my fall Lilly from UTPT; I am going to be styling come September!!


ps, even though I work part-time for ks, they are in no way paying me or making me talk about this adorbs clutch.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy at the beach!

Just back from the beach; OCMD to be specific! Left Saturday morning and got back around 4:30 today. It was a blast; but unfortunately, 50 spf isn't high enough for me or something because I got BURNT! And I hate it! I am so careful to always reapply at least every other hour, if not more. And I used aloe like its going out of style! Anyone else have any tips to deal with sunburn???
Otherwise, it was a fun trip and I wore tons of Lilly! My MOH doesn't quite get Lilly and kept asking my I was so 'dressed up' for dinner and mini-golf; why do people associate dresses with dressing up?? Each night I wore one of the following dresses; to many compliments, I shall say!

On another note; I was very unimpressed with the selection today on Rue La La; I was on the minute 11am hit and many sizes were already gone and so I didn't get anything. Granted, I just ordered 6 fall items from UTPT and got 2 other fall dresses from the KoP Lilly store, but it would have been nice to get some things from last fall at a great discount!! What did YOU get??? (PS, did anyone else thing there must not have had nearly enough stock since almost the whole stock was sold out 15 minutes after the sale opened!?!)