Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Lilly Deal!

Under the Palm Tree is having another great fall special until August 31; 30% off any one fall item and I am sooo torn about which dress to get.

I equally love both but the tunic seems more practical for fall and moving into winter; since I do live in PA not FL like Lilly did (I only wish!!!).

What do you think??? And what great deals are you getting on your new fall Lilly???



  1. I love both of these. So far I've taken advantage of UTPT's deal, and got myself the Jonah dress in Don't Be Koi. I also got the Blayney dress (which I LOVE by the way) from my local Belk store, with a 20% off promotion. I would have ordered the Blayney from UTPT or the Stephanie, but they didn't have either in my size or print. Can't wait to get the Jonah though. Good luck on choosing which one to get! :)

  2. TOUGH choice! I love the Colby and it would look adorable with a cardigan, so you could definitely make it work for fall. The Shauna has an amazing print and unique style...
    Sorry I can't help you pick, LOL. I would plan on buying both and doing eeny-meeny-miny-moe to pick which one you get first :)

  3. They're both lovely but I would say the first, definitely, the print is too amazing to pass up!