Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Dresses!

Well, I received both the dresses I bought off of Re-Lilly on facebook.

The Livie fits amazingly! It is a perfect fit across the bust and a bit big at the waist down but overall, looks and feels great. And a pleasant surprise; it was NWT! I guess when I bought it I either didn't notice or remember it was.

And the Stephanie shift; I got a size up because I had read the Stephanie fits smaller than the Werth. That as it may be, I was surprised by the weight of the fabric! It was definitely heavier feeling than all my Werth shifts. But if fit well; a big big but I think my usual size would have been too small.

Well, my first two Re-Lilly purchases were a success! Therefore, I ordered a pair of Callahan shorts from the spring collection; the person shrunk them down to my size! Bad for them but I suppose good for me! Can't wait for find my next Re-Lilly purchase; it is like a high!
xx Amy

PS, In totally un-related news, I need this telephone headpiece. It is my new love!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Rue La La Haul!!!

Well, its finally here! The Rue La La sale we have all been waiting for. I was anxiously waiting for the sale to begin at 10:55. I got most of the things I wanted; but there were no towels or bathroom rugs!! I was bummed about that. Oh well, maybe I will have to break down and buy them for...FULL PRICE!!! Which I hate to do for most things; my only exceptions are Lilly, LV and Tiffany.

I got this so cute embroidered bed skirt; white on white.
And these sheets; again white on white.
And this great rug! I got the 6' x 9' size for the guest room or for our room; I don't know yet! But at $200 off, I'm sure it will look great wherever it goes!
And these pillows for the bed.
And the piece de resistance; the salmon quilt I have loved for over a year! I am so glad to have finally gotten it; and on sale!!! I think that makes it even better than before!

The only bath things they had were two bathroom shower curtains so I got this one for our spare bathroom; which could use a lift!
As I said before, I was bummed at the lack of towels; I want these pink ones badly!
As well as this pink rug. So adorable!

Well, there's my order! I saved almost $700 over ordering from the Garnet Hill site so maybe I can afford to splurge for the rug and new towels!

What did YOU get????


PS, There is an adorable giveaway happening over at Sweet Southern Prep for the most amazing apron!! Any girl would be lucky to win this one!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, my weekend was consumed with moving and partying! Friday, we moved all day by ourselves; Saturday, DH's family came to help and we got most of the big stuff moved and went to my brother's graduation party that evening (he is going to Albright College in the fall with a triple major! in Pre-Law, Accounting and Business. I think he's crazy but I know he's damn smart and can do it!!) Then Sunday, we got the rest of the little stuff out of the old condo and had the walk through with our landlord and then off to a graduation party for the DH's family's friends daughter. I was a smidge uncomfortable at this party but I tried to mingle and be cheery; which was nearly impossible because it felt like a million degrees!! Then we went to the Home Depot to pick up some sod for our new backyard so Lily can go to the restroom outside. That was an adventure! Luckily the DH was able to help carry the sod, I couldn't because I was in a Lilly shift and not trying to get all dirty!
Well, back to unpacking; I feel like I live in box city! The only thing that's keeping me going is the DH said I can order whatever I want from Rue La La tomorrow for the bed if I can unpack the upstairs today!! I hope I can do it!
Just two of the many things I hope will be on RLL tomorrow! I hope I will have quick fingers! I will update you all with my finds then!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Lilly (or new to me!)

We all love new things; but sometimes, finances do not allow us to satiate our shopping needs!! Well, on fb, I have been trolling the Re-Lilly Page, and stumbled upon two dress I regret not buying last year!

I finally found them both in my size on the group! The Stephanie Shift (which I was really upset about passing up last year!)
And the Livie from the Jubilee collection.
Both purchased for less than the price of one new Lilly dress!! How exciting! If you are on fb and not a part of the re-lilly group, please consider joining; you can clean out your closet a bit or build it up with pieces you missed out on or something you've never seen before!!

xx Amy

PS: There is a fabulous giveaway happening over at Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan - The most darling monogrammed pillows can be yours!! Pop over and check it out!!
And Preppy Girl Meets World is giving away adorable stationary at her blog! Tell her I sent you!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wear Your Lilly Day!!

In 20 minutes, it will be "National wear your Lilly day"!

I will be wearing either the new Bowen Basket weave in Blue (but I am not sure if I am 100% about it because in this picture, the embroidery is so colorful and pretty but in real life, its all pink and white)
OR my old stand-by, the Worth shift in Seeing Things!
What are YOU wearing???

xx Amy

I'm married!!

Well, we're back from Stroudsburg, PA and the wedding and reception were beautiful! It went fast but I feel I enjoyed it as much as possible because we had an amazing wedding planner and she took care of everything! I asked for a drink, done. The a/c to be turned up, done. Anything and everything was taken care of and done beautifully.

The reception.The cake!
The bridesmaids and us.The happy couple!

Its back to the daily grind tomorrow because summer session of the master's begins tomorrow and I am taking three courses this session. I am taking collection development, resources for young adults and public library service. They are all electives for my concentration in archives. There were no archive classes available for the summer; I was a bit upset since I have time to actually do archive visits and do all these crazy assignments. Oh well.

Here we go again!

xx Amy

Monday, June 14, 2010

The wedding is in 4 days!!

Well, the final preparations are coming together; I got my hair cut and highlighted, Wednesday I get waxed (gotta love the eyebrow lady!!) and my nails done and I will pray they don't chip between then and Friday!
The seating and numbers are in for the rehearsal and wedding night dinners.
The DJ and Photographer have been given their instructions.
And the wedding planner is taking care of everything else!!! (I will say, she is the most important thing we have "gotten" for the wedding; I don't know where I'd be without that wonderful woman!!!)
I won't be back till Sunday; we are doing a honeymoon later in the summer (the location is to be determined!!) because I start my next quarter of Master's classes two days after the wedding! (three more quarters and I'm finally done!!!)
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!!!

xx Amy

PS, I am loving RHONJ Dina's pink stripe in the hair! I want it but as a librarian, that might not be such a good idea. Or maybe it will because it will break down those stereotypes!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Lilly Spree!

Well, I finally uploaded my pictures of things from the Warehouse Sale and since I went again today (I needed another key chain! I miscounted...and the got just one more dress!) I was so shocked at how little was left; and then really glad I didn't buy any of the tons of totes on Wednesday, because they got marked down; to $29.00! I was talking to some of the girls working and they said they only sold about half of all the totes the sale had; and there were still boxes of totes there today at 1 pm. They were priced way too high the first few days; for $9 more, you could have bought a small originals tote! Well any who, here are the pictures! And please pardon the mess on the night stand and desk!

This is the dress I picked up today; I liked it Wednesday and then decided against it; but when it was still there today, I decided it was fate!And I didn't check on the sizes of these dog collars; I have a Yorkie and the DH's family have a pug, an Italian Greyhound, and a Maltese so these collars are wayyy too big! If anyone is interested in them, I will sell them $15 + shipping. There are 2 large and 1 medium in the Lobster Pot print.

And the last thing is I got the bracelet I won from Living in Lilly's giveaway!! Its so cute and I wore it today with my Lilly white Regan maxi dress to give it a pop of color! I wish I had my camera on me because it looked great!!! I am now a Kiel James Patrick convert!!!I love seeing everyone else's warehouse finds! Its been a blast!

xx Amy

PS, Another great Lilly giveaway is being hosted over at Persians and Pulitzer; a Lilly headband, a compact mirror and photo key chain are bring given away!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Lilly sale has arrived!

The future DH and I went to the sale at 6 this morning (I was going to get a number yesterday, but I drove by the VFCC around 2:30 pm and the line was wayyy over 300 so I kind of thought a number was out of the question). We then stood in line about one and a half hours; through which, the DH was amazing. No complaining or anything :)
We got in and I was done in 45 minutes. There were NO samples by the time I got in (which in the fall I went Wednesday after work around 4 and there were about 4 full racks left!!) And in the men's it was SLIM pickings! The DH was very disappointed; he likes the ties and swim trunks.
So, I ended up getting a new pair of basic white McKims, a pair of cute eye of the tiger wedge sandals, four dresses, three skirts, five sweaters, a table cloth, a new fleece, a quilted white vest, six key chains (five for bridesmaids gifts and one for me!), five matching makeup bags (both in the Not So Crabby print), a few plate and napkin sets (which were a good deal for summer parties), three packs of Christmas Cards, two Murfee scarves, a new beach tote that I don't need and a gift for my secret pen pal buddy from the facebook group where you switch addresses and send gifts to another person! So fun! And I feel like I am forgetting something; it was a decent sale for me; but I was disappointed at the lack of newer summer dresses (and well, dresses, skirts and pants, new or old) in the sizes other than 0, 2 & 4. I am none of those and there weren't as many racks of the other sizes as there were of those. The dresses I got were ones that came out a month or two ago, which isn't bad but the one, I got the last one out in one of them. I found that incredulous considering it wasn't even 8 AM. I know they restock all the days but I assumed as an early shopper, I would get some of the better prints. And luckily I have the ability to wear either a 9 or a 9.5 because the only shoes were 6, 6.5, 9.5, 10, 11, and even some 12. It was crazy. But there were about 3 tables full of small originals tote (I think they were that tote anyway, I didn't bother with looking because I already have a regular and small tote). There were also very few boxes of what I would call 'little extras'; things like key chains, mirrors, pins, etc. There was one box of key chains for $5 each (which is why they are going to be bridesmaids gifts) but that was it. The fragrance sets were $19 and not too many of those left; a small box of irregular Murfee scarfs for $40 (of which I got two because I wouldn't find anything wrong with the ones I looked over!), more stationary (some picture cards and Christmas card sets) and some plate and napkin things. I was unimpressed.
Well, I will post pictures of my "haul" tomorrow. I am so beat from getting up at 5AM!
What did you all get???
xx Amy

PS, Can't get to the warehouse sale??? Enter Trish's giveaway over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover
to win a beach towel, an umbrella, and cute drink umbrellas!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

More wedding drama!

Just when I thought all the wedding drama was over, ha! Its just beginning. The future DH's sister (who is a bridesmaid in the wedding because she is 'supposed to be') is the same age as me but just graduated from her undergrad about a month ago; well, I haven't asked her to do much at all for the wedding...well, now that I think about it, I haven't asked her to do anything. Any who, we had my bridal shower about 3 weeks ago and everyone was there...except her. She showed up an hour and a half late (without a reason) and then left early without asking the other bridesmaids if they needed any help cleaning up or anything. I was really upset and so were the other 4 bridesmaids that she didn't do anything and nor did she offer. I stuck up for her saying no one asked her to help so she didn't know she should have at least offered. Then tonight, I went to the DH's parent's house to put together the favors and I asked her to help since she was there. Well, she laughed and said "no, I have better things to do"; i.e. she was going to wing night at the bar near her house which started at 9 and I asked her at 7. I was so stunned, I just stood there with my mouth open and then walked away because I was about to say something mean.
I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place; I don't want her in the bridal party anymore but if I do that, the DH's parents would be really mad at me. I ask her to do something so simple, it took his mom and I less than 45 minutes to do it. Yet, she laughed it off and made it clear it wasn't important to her at all. I want so badly to ask her to at least not sit at the head table with us; I can not believe how rude she was and how she hasn't helped at all. Its one thing to not do anything or not offer; some people don't know any better. But to blatantly laugh at someone when they ask you to help is unheard of!
Please let me know if people think I am over reacting; I don't know if I am blowing this out of proportion but I feel like this is a bit warranted. I ask for 30 minutes of her time and she laughs at me. I am so hurt and frustrated and upset. The DH said just to brush it off because "that's just the way she is". I find that hard to believe; are people really that callous and rude?
Ugh, I am so tired of drama; is it June 18 yet?????


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cleaning Binge!!

Ever have one of those days where you just clean EVERYTHING and then purge your closets??? Well, that was my day. I cleaned the bathrooms, bedroom, living room, kitchen and ran out of steam to do the dining room (that has become wedding central, so no real use in cleaning until after the wedding!!). Then purged my closets and drawers in anticipation of all the goodies I will be getting on Wednesday! I am giddy with excitement; I am not fresh our of college anymore and since my work is paying for my master's degree, I have money saved to SPEND my buns off (if only losing weight was so easy!!). Then I went to work at 2; yeah, I did all that before NOON! I don't know what got into me!

I am trying to convince a girl I work at ks with to come with me since she is off; the (oh so very soon to be!) DH has no problem going shopping with me, but the warehouse sale has proved to be a bit too much for him! He gets scared of all the frantic Lilly women and their zeal for Lilly!

In other news, I am doing both of my finals for class this Monday or Tuesday and then I will be done with the Spring quarter and have two weeks off before the Summer quarter begins! Ugh, it never ends it feels like. Just (hopefully) three more quarters of three classes at a time and I will be done! I can't wait to get my MLIS, I feel like some lowly nothing in the library world without it. :(

Well, tomorrow is going to be a looong one; I will be attempting to take two finals in one day so I can enjoy the Lilly week ahead!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a busy week!

Well, I have been back from my bachelorette weekend since Monday afternoon and I can say I had fun but was happy to be home! It was busy and fun and tiring.
Tuesday and Wednesday were the last two days of school for students and today was graduation. Yey! Tomorrow is my last day; just finishing up some things in the library then my official summer begins!

Then I start wedding activities like a mad woman! I have to make the favors, the place cards, the wedding programs, and about a thousand other things! We are at two weeks away tomorrow. OMG.

In other news, the Lilly warehouse sale is less than one week away!!! I can not wait.