Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope everyone has a fun, fabulous and Lilly-filled Memorial Day weekend!

I will be in the Poconos with my best girls for my bachelorette weekend. I'm scared and excited! We leave tomorrow morning and as usual there has been drama already. Miscommunications, changes in plans, all this stuff. Its always worth it when we finally all get together but its nerve-wracking getting to that point!

Anyway, I am making us a chocolate bundt cake for breakfast. I am pretty excited about it since this is the first time I will be using my heritage bundt pan from Williams-Sonoma.
I hope it looks half as pretty as it does in this picture!

'See' you all on Tuesday!!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday

Well, I found this great game of posting pink & green things you love on Thursday from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover's blog.

Since this is my first time, I have decided to post pink & green things that are perfect for summer!

A picnic lunch...A great beach tote...
A wide-brimmed hat to shield me from the sun...

And a pair of Lilly sunglasses to keep the glare out of my eyes...

I tried finding a picture of the beach towel I got from the GWP last weekend, but could not. But that would definitely be in my beach bag!

Hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather; well, I know I am! In PA we have been without warm weather for what feels like ages!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding Programs

My day has been consumed with wedding programs! First finding programs that kind-of match our invitations (the company from our invites doesn't do programs... :/). I finally found a place that makes Calla Lily ones that look like the invites and am now trying to figure what all goes on this thing! We are having a Protestant wedding with the basics...I hate wordy weddings with 5 Bible readings and 7 solos and all this silly stuff and I really don't like writing couples that write their own vows. I always thought it was so much more romantic to say the same words couples have been using for decades to get married...yes, sappy. I know.

But in other news, I saw on the fb Lilly page the most adorbs summer cardigan called the Katia Wrap!
I just bought something similar from American Eagle in white and it is sooo comfy! It looks great with everything and is so nice to wear inside in the ac! I think this has been added to the must have list for my summer wardrobe. As well as the Callahan short in Classic White Cream Fraiche.Always dreaming of the next Lilly purchase...


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rediscovering Ina! And more Lilly!

A month ago, I began a different schedule at work; 9 - 5. It was horrible; and I got home every night and just passed out! I am now back to 730 - 330 and after walking and bathing Lily (she was not a happy pup!!) I was flipping through channels and rediscovered Ina Garten, host of Barefoot Contessa on food network. She is so fun and lovely! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed her show. So in honor of this, I am making one of my favorite recipes from her show! The Deeply Chocolate Gelato is so delicious! Find it here.
So Yummy!

Next, I was on fb today and saw Under the Palm Tree's Memorial Day promo and omg...
Put UNDER THE PALM TREE in the Order Notes section to receive the following on all purchases: Spend 200 - get 50 off, 300 - get 100 off, 400 - 150 off, 500 - 200 off, 600 - 250 off etc, and 1000 - get 450 off!! All in-stock merchandise applies - spring, summer, basics, Lifeguard Press, and SALE!

So excited! Unfortunately, they don't have this dress I stumbled upon searching the Lilly site to see if I missed any new things I must have! And I love this Janet Lurex dress!
I need to decide if I want to order from UTPT or hold out for the Warehouse Sale that will be here in TWO weeks! OMG! I feel like I was just at the fall warehouse sale. Since I will be done school by then, I am going to try to go Wednesday morning at 5AM. That's right. I am going to be one of those crazy people at the Valley Forge convention center at an ungodly hour for the sake of LILLY! Anyone else going???

Well, random post, but then again, it was a random day for me!



I am loooving all these giveaways! So darling.

Sweet Carolina Girl is giving away darling monogrammed wine glasses at

And yet another giveaway of a gorgeous monogrammed iced tea pitcher and class set over at Etiquette with Miss Janet!

An adorable tote is being given away at Sweet Southern Prep;
the monogrammed Scout Mini Deano tote! So adorable!

Over at It's the world I know, the perfect Lacoste giveaway with something for you and the mister in your life!

At Living in Lilly, she has introduced me to Kiel James Patrick (which I now love!) and is giving away an amazingly cute bracelet!

And I can not forget about Prissy and Preppy Flamingo giving away a gorgeous needlepoint monogrammed keychain!

Enjoy these fabulous giveaways and I can't wait to hear who wins them all!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding Pet Peeves!

So, all of our wedding RSVPs are due back this Saturday, May 29. To this day, 5 couples have not RSVP'ed yet and the invites were sent out two months ago! I know 2 of them are not coming so why not just send back the card saying thanks, but no thanks and get it over with! (one is going overseas the weekend we get married and the other just had twins literally a week ago). I can easily assume they won't be coming, but seriously, just RSVP no!
Second wedding-related pet peeve; not sending a card/gift when you can not attend. I went to one girl's wedding a year ago and when she had a baby shower two months ago, I sent a gift and card because I could not be there. She missed my shower 3 weeks ago and I still haven't gotten a card. I'm not even saying I want a gift; because I don't need anything or want her to waste money on her when she just had twins, but honestly; I can't even get a card!!!
Next, generic thank you notes! The same girl who can't send me a shower card gave the worst thank you notes from her wedding; they took no thought or effort; not even hand written!! And there was no note for the shower gift! Its so tacky! Ugh. Where are people's manners anymore!
Okay, rant is over. Thank you for listening.

On a happier note, I ordered new address labels, stationary and sticky notes from Vistaprint with the cutest little alligators on them; also my sorority's mascot! I can't figure out how to put a picture on here but go on the site and check them out; so adorableee!


The Dirty Dozen

This has absolutely nothing to do with Lilly or anything fashion related, but in an effort to not only eat better but live better for myself and the earth, I have been trying to go green by buying local when I can and organic when necessary (because I am afraid of pesticides!).

I stumbled upon this great cheat sheet of foods to always buy organic and those that have low pesticide residue.

Its a great little printout sheet you can carry in your wallet next to your club card (because we know every dang grocery store now has their own club card!!)


Already dreaming of my next Lillys...

Already wore my amazing new Not So Crabby Roslyn skirt out yesterday to MANY compliments (including one from DH)! So, in anticipation of my losing 10 pounds (I need these new pieces, so I am sticking to my guns this week!) here are my teases to get me motivated to stick to my plan!

The Sullivan Nautical is to die for! I tried it on this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised how cute it was on! Not nearly as shapeless as I imagined.

The Bowen Basket-weave is gorgeous! Didn't see it in my local Lilly at King of Prussia Mall, but I heard rumblings of it coming out at the end of this month, beginning of next. Plenty of time for me to reach my 10 lbs goal. :)

And I know the Shayna is old news but I am still in love with it. But its price tag has kept me away from it thus far.

And lastly...the Eliot Shirt dress. I don't know if this is a good look for me or not; I had one in a different print a few months back and ended up returning it because it made me look huge! Maybe after this next 10 pounds, I can try one again.

Just browsing through other blogs, I have seen numerous people loving the Sullivan Nautical...I may have to pick that one up before my goal is reached for fear of it selling out!!

In other news, I have one follower. Yey!!! Maybe I will do a drawing or something to attract more...


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lilly Spaghetti McKim Giveaway!

So, I stumbled along this amazing blog; how I met your father and she is giving away a pair of Spaghetti Strap McKim sandals!

Busy weekend

Well, the weekends over; and it was a blur!

Friday, the DH and I went out to dinner at Carrabba's and then came home to watch Couples Retreat; it wasn't very good! Saturday I worked at kate spade most of the day (my part time job!); went to Lilly Pulitzer to pick up my goodies and beach towel GWP then came home to catch up on homework! (I swear it multiplies!). Sunday, work again and then more homework.

Also, I began breaking in my new Jack Rogers and omg, my feet are killing me! I don't know if it was the 1" wedge or what but every part of my feet hurt! Hopefully next time will be better.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer GWP Saturday

Okay, so I talked the (future) DH into letting me have another mini-shopping spree tomorrow at Lilly so I can get my beach towel GWP!! Yey!

So, I am in looove with the Roslyn skirt in Classic White Not So Crabby.

And I am in desperate need for a new swimsuit and I love the Hotty Ten Speed print.

So those are my picks for tomorrow! I called ahead and they set aside all my sizes and a towel so I can just pop in and pick it all up because I assume they will be really busy.

I brought out my Jack Rogers today for the first time this year and they were looking a bit ratty so I think I will pick up some new ones tomorrow. I am thinking about going for the Hamptons Navajo Midwedge - a bit of a wedge but not so much I won't be able to wear them alll day.
Thankfully the (future) DH is pretty understanding of my shopping habits. Well, I think that's enough to look forwards to tomorrow!


Lilly GWP

Okay, maybe I was a bit out of the loop on this one, but I was just at lilly last weekend and dropped quite a bit ($250+) and no one said anything about the GWP this Saturday! If I had known I could have gotten a fab Lilly beach towel or cooler for Cape May this summer, I totally would have waited!! Oh well, maybe I can convince the (future) DH I need another blowout shopping weekend!
On the other side, its fridayyy! And after this I have 7 more days of students then graduation on June 3, and my last day of work for this school year, Friday, June 4!!! So excited. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tory Burch Sale

So excited for this sale! I have been needing new flats forever! Head over for up to 60% off! Yey!

In-store and on-line at Ends Sunday 5/23.

My First Post

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging or anything like this so I will be learning as I go.
I am a native southerner, Lubbock, TX, and was transplanted to PA a number of years ago. I went to Kutztown University and graduated with my BS in Library Science and a minor in Literature. I am a librarian at a private school and currently enrolled at Drexel University in pursuit of my MLIS in Archival Studies. When I graduate in (hopefully) May 2011, the (future) DH and I plan on moving back below the Mason-Dixon Line to South Carolina or DC.
My interests are planning my wedding, June 18, 2010. My dog Lilian Rose, a Yorkshire Terrier, Lilly Pulitzer, Tiffany, LV, Tory Burch, preppy clothes, monograms, getting great deals, having fun, traveling...