Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding Programs

My day has been consumed with wedding programs! First finding programs that kind-of match our invitations (the company from our invites doesn't do programs... :/). I finally found a place that makes Calla Lily ones that look like the invites and am now trying to figure what all goes on this thing! We are having a Protestant wedding with the basics...I hate wordy weddings with 5 Bible readings and 7 solos and all this silly stuff and I really don't like writing couples that write their own vows. I always thought it was so much more romantic to say the same words couples have been using for decades to get married...yes, sappy. I know.

But in other news, I saw on the fb Lilly page the most adorbs summer cardigan called the Katia Wrap!
I just bought something similar from American Eagle in white and it is sooo comfy! It looks great with everything and is so nice to wear inside in the ac! I think this has been added to the must have list for my summer wardrobe. As well as the Callahan short in Classic White Cream Fraiche.Always dreaming of the next Lilly purchase...


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  1. Love the wrap! So perfect for all for all seasons! I like the traditional wedding vows too and its easier for a bride anyway!