Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who doesn't LOVE a Lilly deal?!?

Well, Lilly stores are giving away the adorable Lilly towel with any $350 purchase; and since the new fall line is now in stores, it could be a great add on in you don't already have one!

And now, the pièce de résistance; Under the Palm Tree has hooked up with Shopaholic in Alabama to give her readers 20% off orders of $500 and up on the new fall line. I know that sounds like a lot, but just four of the things I want put me over $500 and besides, 20% off is better than nothing which is what we would get buying from any other store. So, stop over at her blog to check out the details! And support UTPT!

That's all I have; I have to call UTPT to get in my order!!!


PS. College prep has a fab giveaway! Go check it out!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Two words...I DIE!!!

Living in Lilly is giving a Lilly choker necklace!
Miss Janice is giving an adorable GRITS package!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

B&N Nook VS Amazon Kindle

My birthday is coming (yey!) so I am asking for an e-reader; I read all the time and it is such a hassle to carry a huge book or two small books at all times.
The kindle have a lot of pros over the nook; I think. Being attached to the amazon account is convenient and you can read in the sunlight because of the screen. It also has a longer battery life. Also, the books are a bit less ($3 less for many new releases) and since I read fast and a lot, it might be nice to have cheaper books. I also like the ability to add notes since I hope to use this to read textbooks and other supplementary material.
But the Nook has more books available and has a color screen. It also have a touch screen which is nice; and it doesn't have the bulky keyboard at the bottom of the reader. And you can share books; I mean, I don't know anyone with a nook, but one day I might. It also has teamed up with Lilly, KS and more for lovely covers. The nook doesn't open word documents, only PDFs; another con.

So, I want either the Kindle or the Nook and I need help deciding! If you could, please tell me which you have, why you picked it and why you love it/don't love it.

PS, there are about a million giveaways going on right now...lucky for us! :)
Living Well is giving away adorable Lilly magnets.
Monograms and Manicures is giving away a Lilly planner.
Sweet Carolina Girl is giving Lilly tumblers and a cute Lilly mug.
Lily Lemontree is celebrating her one year anniversary and giving away a subscription to Martha Stewart Living!
Pink Preppy Lilly Lover is giving away Lilly perfume and a gorgeous Rachel Leigh bow bracelet!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well, I have sufficiently negelcted my poor blog...

With grad school in the end of week 4 already (eek, midterms next week!!!), I have forgotten all about my poor little blog! Well, besides working on copious amounts of homework (whoever said three grad classes a quarter was as much work as a full time job was obviously wrong; its more like TWO full time jobs worth of work!) I have been shopping like a mad woman. (maybe to take my mind off my classes...or maybe that's just my excuse to the hubs ;D)

UTPT is having a fab sale right now! Select Spring and Summer Collection 40%-60% Off! Woo Hoo! I picked up a few bargains (I try to only buy Lilly on sale and usually I can make myself wait!!) and got free shipping using "facebook" in the order notes. :)

I got the Blossom Dress.
Betsey Dress Lace Hem
Worth Shift in Stuffed Shells (I have been waiting for this cutie to go on sale since it came out!!)

All for about $300. :)

Then it was off to the mall to look for a beach hat (I still don't have a beach hat; might I add!) but found the Lilly store was having a sale as well; marvelous! I picked up...

Chic embroidered polo
Franco in pink gingham
Karlo skirt in Cream Fraiche
And another pair of Callahan shorts but these in Hotty Pink (they are so comfy and look great if I have to run out for a quick errand!)
BUT WAIT!!! Bonus! Because I spent over $250 (and I made that mark barely because the deals were that amazing!!!) I got a free pair of Spaghetti Strap McKims in Daiquiri Pink! Yey!
And another pair of Jack Rogers (black). Now, normally I wouldn't get black sandals, but at 50% off (!!!) at a local boutique, how could I resist! (And I am stimulating the economy by helping small business owners; I have to sleep somehow at night!!)

All in a days work...no wonder I was too tired on Thursday to cook dinner!

Well, hope all you Lilly lovers out there get a chance to pick up one or two goodies for yourself since Lilly is clearing out for the FALL line (really??? I have 6 more weeks of summer break left, thank you very much!!)

And remember..."Too much is never enough!"

xx Amy

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

The title says it all!

I have been way too busy lately for my homework, much less blogging. :(

I worked at ks Friday-Monday; 9 hours per day and since we were busy, after every shift, my dogs were barkin' to say the least! Then my Lilly bedding came and I have been busy washing and putting it on the bed; I can not wait to see it all put together!!! I put out my Buckets O' Goodies rug and I am sorry I did; my yorkie Lilian has been having a pee problem recently and already hit it! I am so upset; I got the spot out but am really disappointed in her! We moved recently and she has been pottying in the house at least once a day since we moved! It is so unlike her; she is a year and a half old and I know she knows its not good to potty inside. I am at my wits end! Any one have any tips???

Ugh, in other news, my engagement and wedding rings are off being soldered together and since I will be without them for 10 business days :( I cheered myself up by stopping at Lilly and picking up a new dress! I finally got the Janet Lurex in Classic White Do The Wave. Yey!
Well, that's all that I have going on. Back to homework!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th, 2010

Uncle Sam says: Happy 4th everyone!!!

Everyone here is wishing all of you a safe and enjoyable fourth! And please don't forget to honor our service men and women past, present and future for all they have done to ensure our freedom is never wavering!


PS: This isn't my baby, Lily, she wouldn't keep her costume on long enough for me to take a picture so this one is from here!!

And enter this giveaway for an amazing Lilly bag from The Company She Keeps!