Tuesday, July 20, 2010

B&N Nook VS Amazon Kindle

My birthday is coming (yey!) so I am asking for an e-reader; I read all the time and it is such a hassle to carry a huge book or two small books at all times.
The kindle have a lot of pros over the nook; I think. Being attached to the amazon account is convenient and you can read in the sunlight because of the screen. It also has a longer battery life. Also, the books are a bit less ($3 less for many new releases) and since I read fast and a lot, it might be nice to have cheaper books. I also like the ability to add notes since I hope to use this to read textbooks and other supplementary material.
But the Nook has more books available and has a color screen. It also have a touch screen which is nice; and it doesn't have the bulky keyboard at the bottom of the reader. And you can share books; I mean, I don't know anyone with a nook, but one day I might. It also has teamed up with Lilly, KS and more for lovely covers. The nook doesn't open word documents, only PDFs; another con.

So, I want either the Kindle or the Nook and I need help deciding! If you could, please tell me which you have, why you picked it and why you love it/don't love it.

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  1. I don't have one but in my opinion amazon as a company does so much more for stuff. Good luck deciding!!

  2. Too I'm too much of a luddite for either, I can barely do research online and certainly not pleasure read. But best of luck with the choice!