Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well, I have sufficiently negelcted my poor blog...

With grad school in the end of week 4 already (eek, midterms next week!!!), I have forgotten all about my poor little blog! Well, besides working on copious amounts of homework (whoever said three grad classes a quarter was as much work as a full time job was obviously wrong; its more like TWO full time jobs worth of work!) I have been shopping like a mad woman. (maybe to take my mind off my classes...or maybe that's just my excuse to the hubs ;D)

UTPT is having a fab sale right now! Select Spring and Summer Collection 40%-60% Off! Woo Hoo! I picked up a few bargains (I try to only buy Lilly on sale and usually I can make myself wait!!) and got free shipping using "facebook" in the order notes. :)

I got the Blossom Dress.
Betsey Dress Lace Hem
Worth Shift in Stuffed Shells (I have been waiting for this cutie to go on sale since it came out!!)

All for about $300. :)

Then it was off to the mall to look for a beach hat (I still don't have a beach hat; might I add!) but found the Lilly store was having a sale as well; marvelous! I picked up...

Chic embroidered polo
Franco in pink gingham
Karlo skirt in Cream Fraiche
And another pair of Callahan shorts but these in Hotty Pink (they are so comfy and look great if I have to run out for a quick errand!)
BUT WAIT!!! Bonus! Because I spent over $250 (and I made that mark barely because the deals were that amazing!!!) I got a free pair of Spaghetti Strap McKims in Daiquiri Pink! Yey!
And another pair of Jack Rogers (black). Now, normally I wouldn't get black sandals, but at 50% off (!!!) at a local boutique, how could I resist! (And I am stimulating the economy by helping small business owners; I have to sleep somehow at night!!)

All in a days wonder I was too tired on Thursday to cook dinner!

Well, hope all you Lilly lovers out there get a chance to pick up one or two goodies for yourself since Lilly is clearing out for the FALL line (really??? I have 6 more weeks of summer break left, thank you very much!!)

And remember..."Too much is never enough!"

xx Amy


  1. What a shopping haul! Jealous of everything especially the seashell sundress!

  2. Oh...sounds like so much fun! :)

    I am obsessed with the Callahan shorts and I have that same Franco dress in the pink Seersucker. Love, love, love it!

    Free shoes? Yipee!! That is so awesome. :)