Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Resort 2010

We all have been excited and anxiously waiting for resort to come in. Well, I saw it last night at my local Lilly store and really....wasn't impressed or excited by it. :(
And I keep seeing pictures and I'm still not loving it. There were two things I really liked and other than that, I foresee a happy husband and money actually staying in our account rather than going directly to Lilly!
I was excited for resort since I loved this past spring, summer and fall so much; I'm kind of bummed now.
But the few I did like were...



Love Letters

Now, I wouldn't buy all of these; I like the Jonah from fall, so I might get the multi-colored one and the light blue is cute, but not me. And the Reenie top is adorable, so that's in. The love letters top is cute, but again, not me at all. And while the pink dress is so pretty, where would I wear a strapless dress in the winter in Pennsylvania?!?
I hope at the warehouse sale, they have some stuff from past resort; since I won't be getting much from this years!

What are you loving/hating or in-between on?


Monday, October 25, 2010


This past Saturday was my school's homecoming; what fun it was! And it was a beautiful day; couldn't have asked for a better one actually. The sun was out, it wasn't windy or cold. Our football team won but our soccer and water polo teams put up a good fight but couldn't bring in a win.
That evening, I chaperoned the dance. I figured since the boy's dates were dressing up and getting new dresses, I should too!

Coach Kourtney Heel

The heels are pewter and so much cuter in person! I think they will perfect for an up-coming fall party we are going to in 2 weeks. See, I am planning on wearing these more than once. :)

Hope you all had a fab weekend!


PS: A Preppy Princess is hosting a Christmas Card Swap; I hope it will be a lot of fun so sign up if you have time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 20: Go Purple

I had originally planned to write this yesterday, but the day did not have enough hours in it!

In college, I met many wonderful and amazing people; one of whom came out to me one night while we were watching a movie in his dorm room. It was so powerful to see the shame and helplesness in someone's face; to have them tell you they know they can never tell their parents who they really are; to have them trust you with a secret so dear and personal. The night my friend told me, I was shocked; he always looked like a ladies man; always flirting at parties and generally good with the girls. He said this was a facade and he was tired of pretending to be something he wasn't. Whether or not I support the GLBTQ community, I supported my friend. Who would ever put themselves through the ridicule and isolation for their entire lives because they wanted to? My friend told me his secret over 5 years ago and I have always kept it for him. This past summer we met for lunch and he told me he finally got the nerve to introduce his boyfriend of 3 years to his parents; they were shocked and mad for a while. After a month of the cold-shoulder from them, they asked to meet with him again. They had done some soul searching and decided their son's happiness was more important to them than what they had always been taught from their parents and from their Church. My friend was stunned; and seeing him this past summer he looked like a different person. The light had returned to his eyes and face; he was genuinely happy. He told his family and friend and most of them accepted him for the way he was; not the way he was supposed to be.

Yesterday, I and many others, wore purple to support him, the millions of other GLBTQ and to show reverence for those who were bullied to death. No matter your personal beliefs, we supposedly live in a free country where we are free to attain 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. The bullying must stop; acceptance must begin. I was taught homosexuality was a sin; and regardless of my thoughts, there is only one judge and when we finally meet Him in the end, I want to know I never judged someone else; I just tried to live the best life I could.

Now, What I Wore!

J Crew Cardigan

Purple suede Tory revas

I hope all of you found it in your heart to wear purple yesterday; even if you don't support their choice, you can support the knowledge bullying must be stopped.

Hope you all have a terrific Thursday and a fun-filled Friday!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Champagne and Cupcakes with Lisa Birnbach

Last night was the big event! I finally met the brains behind The official preppy handbook and True Prep, Lisa Birnbach! She was so sweet and lovely and fun! Lilly was packed with prepsters young and old for the event.
I finally got up to the table to meet her after waiting in line about 30 minutes but it was worth it!
We chatted a bit about kate spade and Lilly and all things preppy; like the local prep school I work for. She then signed my book and offered to take a picture with me. (Please excuse my red face; it was so hot standing next to her under these crazy bright lights! I don't know how she didn't melt after being there for 2 hours already!)
A smidge of a wait, but 100% worth it! I was also glad I decided wearing my Sandpiper dress in the crane print; what a faux pas that would have been!

I then picked up the Sophia in Its Getting Hot in Here to chaperon the homecoming dance next week in (I was already in the store, so why not pick up a gift for myself)!
My next big event is Tim Gunn is coming to the King of Prussia Mall on October 30 @ 2 (since he is the creative director for Liz Claiborne and KoP has kate spade, Juicy and Lucky jeans housed there!) I can't wait to meet him and ask him to say "Make it work!" for me!!!

Hope you all had a fab week and will have a lovely weekend!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A smidge upset at Lilly...

I just received all my goodies from Under the Palm Tree and as usual, everything was well wrapped, folded and I receieved it timely. My issue is with Lilly. It seems everything is getting smaller! I take my measurements monthly (obsessive, yes, I know. But weight doesn't always indicate growth and I always need measurements for buying suits and pants) anyway, I have not grown in the shoulder area and yet the Colby dress I just got is so tight over my shoulders! I am a bit confused to say the least! I wear the same size in almost every style (except strapless!) and I just don't get it! Also, I am wearing the Wayles for the first time today, and it seems very short! Has anyone else noticed shorter hems this fall??? Or have any inside information to help me with my plight???
Anyway, sorry for the rant, I just feel Lilly used to be mindful of sizes and hem lengths; we want to look nice but also professional!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New e-blog

As we all know, I live for deals! And it just so happens, UTPT's Hadley has started an email blog and get this; each blog post contains a coupon to be used the following week; last week was 30% off any full price piece!!! Amazing! And eblog readers get free shipping with any purchase over $150; which is really easy to do (fortunately or not, I'm not quite sure!) The eblog also features sale items; which were considered new as soon as a month ago!
If you want to be added to the eblog list, just email Hadley at
hkombrin@slu.edu with your name, state and birthday (I think that's it!)
I am planning to order this beauty from UTPT today before the 30% off sale ends!

Sandpiper Dress Crane Pose

That's all from me! Hope you all had a fab Columbus Day (and hopefully were off from work or school!)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lisa Birnbach at Lilly!

I am so excited! I had a voice mail waiting for me after work yesterday from the Lilly store at the King of Prussia mall inviting me to stop by to meet Lisa, author of True Prep, drink cocktails, and meet some of the higher-ups from Lilly on Thursday the 14th. I am too excited!

Now...what to wear???

I hope some of the new pieces I ordered from UTPT come in...if not, I have a few ideas...

I just ordered this about a week ago; so if its here by Thursday, I will definitely be wearing...

Any of you out in blogger land going? If so, let me know, I would love to put a face to the name!


Cocktails and Cupcakes with Lisa Birnbach
Thursday, October 14th
6PM - 9PM
Join Lilly Pulitzer and Lisa Birnbach to celebrate the launch of her new sequel True Prep. With your purchase of $100, receive a signed copy of True Prep. A special personal appearance by Lilly Pulitzer President, James Bradbeer and CEO, Scott Beaumont.
Please call (610) 265-7607 for more information or to RSVP.

Lilly Pulitzer, King of Prussia Mall, 160 N. Gulph Road; King of Prussia, PA