Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A smidge upset at Lilly...

I just received all my goodies from Under the Palm Tree and as usual, everything was well wrapped, folded and I receieved it timely. My issue is with Lilly. It seems everything is getting smaller! I take my measurements monthly (obsessive, yes, I know. But weight doesn't always indicate growth and I always need measurements for buying suits and pants) anyway, I have not grown in the shoulder area and yet the Colby dress I just got is so tight over my shoulders! I am a bit confused to say the least! I wear the same size in almost every style (except strapless!) and I just don't get it! Also, I am wearing the Wayles for the first time today, and it seems very short! Has anyone else noticed shorter hems this fall??? Or have any inside information to help me with my plight???
Anyway, sorry for the rant, I just feel Lilly used to be mindful of sizes and hem lengths; we want to look nice but also professional!


  1. My Colby fit fine. I haven't tried the Wayles yet, but I did find that Lilly fits different in every single dress, even if it's the same style. It's like a pair of jeans, you have to try like four different dresses on, in the same style, and you might find the one that fits. So sorry! At least you can pair the Wayles with tights and maybe it won't seem so short.

  2. I did put on some tights with the Wayles and it was better. I guess I was just discouraged a bit! I can never stay mad at Lilly for long!