Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Resort 2010

We all have been excited and anxiously waiting for resort to come in. Well, I saw it last night at my local Lilly store and really....wasn't impressed or excited by it. :(
And I keep seeing pictures and I'm still not loving it. There were two things I really liked and other than that, I foresee a happy husband and money actually staying in our account rather than going directly to Lilly!
I was excited for resort since I loved this past spring, summer and fall so much; I'm kind of bummed now.
But the few I did like were...



Love Letters

Now, I wouldn't buy all of these; I like the Jonah from fall, so I might get the multi-colored one and the light blue is cute, but not me. And the Reenie top is adorable, so that's in. The love letters top is cute, but again, not me at all. And while the pink dress is so pretty, where would I wear a strapless dress in the winter in Pennsylvania?!?
I hope at the warehouse sale, they have some stuff from past resort; since I won't be getting much from this years!

What are you loving/hating or in-between on?



  1. I'm not loving the resort wear either. I do love some of the dresses from the fall line. Especially the Brinkley shirt dresses. Paired with tall boots, they'd be fabulous.

    I loved this past spring, summer season as well. I bought some fabulous items. Some on sale, too! :)

    Wishing you a great Halloween weekend!

  2. I have not seen that pink strapless before! Jaw-dropping!