Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Lilly sale has arrived!

The future DH and I went to the sale at 6 this morning (I was going to get a number yesterday, but I drove by the VFCC around 2:30 pm and the line was wayyy over 300 so I kind of thought a number was out of the question). We then stood in line about one and a half hours; through which, the DH was amazing. No complaining or anything :)
We got in and I was done in 45 minutes. There were NO samples by the time I got in (which in the fall I went Wednesday after work around 4 and there were about 4 full racks left!!) And in the men's it was SLIM pickings! The DH was very disappointed; he likes the ties and swim trunks.
So, I ended up getting a new pair of basic white McKims, a pair of cute eye of the tiger wedge sandals, four dresses, three skirts, five sweaters, a table cloth, a new fleece, a quilted white vest, six key chains (five for bridesmaids gifts and one for me!), five matching makeup bags (both in the Not So Crabby print), a few plate and napkin sets (which were a good deal for summer parties), three packs of Christmas Cards, two Murfee scarves, a new beach tote that I don't need and a gift for my secret pen pal buddy from the facebook group where you switch addresses and send gifts to another person! So fun! And I feel like I am forgetting something; it was a decent sale for me; but I was disappointed at the lack of newer summer dresses (and well, dresses, skirts and pants, new or old) in the sizes other than 0, 2 & 4. I am none of those and there weren't as many racks of the other sizes as there were of those. The dresses I got were ones that came out a month or two ago, which isn't bad but the one, I got the last one out in one of them. I found that incredulous considering it wasn't even 8 AM. I know they restock all the days but I assumed as an early shopper, I would get some of the better prints. And luckily I have the ability to wear either a 9 or a 9.5 because the only shoes were 6, 6.5, 9.5, 10, 11, and even some 12. It was crazy. But there were about 3 tables full of small originals tote (I think they were that tote anyway, I didn't bother with looking because I already have a regular and small tote). There were also very few boxes of what I would call 'little extras'; things like key chains, mirrors, pins, etc. There was one box of key chains for $5 each (which is why they are going to be bridesmaids gifts) but that was it. The fragrance sets were $19 and not too many of those left; a small box of irregular Murfee scarfs for $40 (of which I got two because I wouldn't find anything wrong with the ones I looked over!), more stationary (some picture cards and Christmas card sets) and some plate and napkin things. I was unimpressed.
Well, I will post pictures of my "haul" tomorrow. I am so beat from getting up at 5AM!
What did you all get???
xx Amy

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  1. Sounds like you did great! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Can't wait to see photos! So wish I could have been there. Thanks for the summary. :)

  3. I just did a post that i was thinking about flying up. Thanks so much for the info. Now I'll wait till the fall sale.

  4. I would definitely wait; it was a sub-par sale, in my opinion. It was disappointing. I am already excited for the Fall sale, which I am praying will be better!