Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Lilly Spree!

Well, I finally uploaded my pictures of things from the Warehouse Sale and since I went again today (I needed another key chain! I miscounted...and the got just one more dress!) I was so shocked at how little was left; and then really glad I didn't buy any of the tons of totes on Wednesday, because they got marked down; to $29.00! I was talking to some of the girls working and they said they only sold about half of all the totes the sale had; and there were still boxes of totes there today at 1 pm. They were priced way too high the first few days; for $9 more, you could have bought a small originals tote! Well any who, here are the pictures! And please pardon the mess on the night stand and desk!

This is the dress I picked up today; I liked it Wednesday and then decided against it; but when it was still there today, I decided it was fate!And I didn't check on the sizes of these dog collars; I have a Yorkie and the DH's family have a pug, an Italian Greyhound, and a Maltese so these collars are wayyy too big! If anyone is interested in them, I will sell them $15 + shipping. There are 2 large and 1 medium in the Lobster Pot print.

And the last thing is I got the bracelet I won from Living in Lilly's giveaway!! Its so cute and I wore it today with my Lilly white Regan maxi dress to give it a pop of color! I wish I had my camera on me because it looked great!!! I am now a Kiel James Patrick convert!!!I love seeing everyone else's warehouse finds! Its been a blast!

xx Amy

PS, Another great Lilly giveaway is being hosted over at Persians and Pulitzer; a Lilly headband, a compact mirror and photo key chain are bring given away!!


  1. Wow you certainly made out great at the sale! What did the totes cost on Wednesday? I bought one on Thursday and they were $29. Enjoy all of your new purchases!!

  2. I was on a mission Wednesday morning! The totes were $49 all day Wednesday from what I heard. A rip-off I thought; but at $29 Thursday on, great gifts!

  3. I am so coming down there for the sale next time! You did well!

  4. Such fabulous finds! You're a very lucky girl! Some time soon I will make it to one of the sales!

  5. The last fall sale seemed better than this spring's was; normally its the other way around!

  6. Wow, you CLEANED UP! So completely jealous! xx