Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Lilly (or new to me!)

We all love new things; but sometimes, finances do not allow us to satiate our shopping needs!! Well, on fb, I have been trolling the Re-Lilly Page, and stumbled upon two dress I regret not buying last year!

I finally found them both in my size on the group! The Stephanie Shift (which I was really upset about passing up last year!)
And the Livie from the Jubilee collection.
Both purchased for less than the price of one new Lilly dress!! How exciting! If you are on fb and not a part of the re-lilly group, please consider joining; you can clean out your closet a bit or build it up with pieces you missed out on or something you've never seen before!!

xx Amy

PS: There is a fabulous giveaway happening over at Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan - The most darling monogrammed pillows can be yours!! Pop over and check it out!!
And Preppy Girl Meets World is giving away adorable stationary at her blog! Tell her I sent you!!!


  1. Yay great buys! I love the re-Lilly group!

  2. Great purchases lucky girl! I love both. I've got the first one, and hope to wear it this fall. :)

  3. I did not know about that on facebook but I'm a lil clueless on facebook! I'm now a fan! I love your new dresses especially the pink and green floral one! I had my eye on it too but I don't think our Lilly store every got it in and a couple other dresses that season had a weird fit. Trilled you found them!

  4. Thanks for all the love on my dress! It is from Shoshanna! xoxo KAG

  5. So cute! I love the Stephanie shift!

  6. I agree - Re-Lilly is fabulous! Now about that Livie dress - I never got to try it on, so you must tell us about the fit! It is so cute, but it looks small on top, so I'd love to hear your take on it.