Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Dresses!

Well, I received both the dresses I bought off of Re-Lilly on facebook.

The Livie fits amazingly! It is a perfect fit across the bust and a bit big at the waist down but overall, looks and feels great. And a pleasant surprise; it was NWT! I guess when I bought it I either didn't notice or remember it was.

And the Stephanie shift; I got a size up because I had read the Stephanie fits smaller than the Werth. That as it may be, I was surprised by the weight of the fabric! It was definitely heavier feeling than all my Werth shifts. But if fit well; a big big but I think my usual size would have been too small.

Well, my first two Re-Lilly purchases were a success! Therefore, I ordered a pair of Callahan shorts from the spring collection; the person shrunk them down to my size! Bad for them but I suppose good for me! Can't wait for find my next Re-Lilly purchase; it is like a high!
xx Amy

PS, In totally un-related news, I need this telephone headpiece. It is my new love!


  1. Glad you're liking your Re-Lilly purchases! I just got the Livie off of Smart Bargains and hope it fits well. What size are you usually? And what size did you end up getting in the Livie?

    As for the shorts, love them!

    I got a NWT resort polo from Re-Lilly and am waiting for it to arrive. LOVE Re-Lilly! Such a genius idea...not quite sure if the hubs thinks so. Haha!

  2. Glad all of your re-lilly items worked! I just learned about it from you whenever you posted on it like a week ago! Such a great idea! I also love the idea of blog sales!!!

  3. Yes, I couldn't help myself. After posting this morning, I ordered the TBs, the cover-up and about three bathing suits, so I can choose between the three suits. P.S. Ralph Lauren and Trina Turk have some cute ones on sale at Nordstrom right now.

  4. I noticed all the sales at Nordstrom; this is baddd! In the Livie, I got my normal size; what I buy all my shifts, dresses, etc from Lilly in. I always have to go a size up in shorts and in the Bowen strapless dresses. Its weird!!

  5. Oooh good buys on Re-Lilly! I've never made a purchased yet but an always peeking at the page :)

  6. great finds girl!! and i LOVE the callahan shorts...i work @ lilly and they FLEW off the shelves!