Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cleaning Binge!!

Ever have one of those days where you just clean EVERYTHING and then purge your closets??? Well, that was my day. I cleaned the bathrooms, bedroom, living room, kitchen and ran out of steam to do the dining room (that has become wedding central, so no real use in cleaning until after the wedding!!). Then purged my closets and drawers in anticipation of all the goodies I will be getting on Wednesday! I am giddy with excitement; I am not fresh our of college anymore and since my work is paying for my master's degree, I have money saved to SPEND my buns off (if only losing weight was so easy!!). Then I went to work at 2; yeah, I did all that before NOON! I don't know what got into me!

I am trying to convince a girl I work at ks with to come with me since she is off; the (oh so very soon to be!) DH has no problem going shopping with me, but the warehouse sale has proved to be a bit too much for him! He gets scared of all the frantic Lilly women and their zeal for Lilly!

In other news, I am doing both of my finals for class this Monday or Tuesday and then I will be done with the Spring quarter and have two weeks off before the Summer quarter begins! Ugh, it never ends it feels like. Just (hopefully) three more quarters of three classes at a time and I will be done! I can't wait to get my MLIS, I feel like some lowly nothing in the library world without it. :(

Well, tomorrow is going to be a looong one; I will be attempting to take two finals in one day so I can enjoy the Lilly week ahead!



  1. My BF would definitely not be able to handle the Lilly sale. One year I saw a man in line and it looked like he was miserable! xx

  2. I think 99% of all men at the Lilly sale are there by force and very scared!!! I can't wait to post all my finds and see what other goodies everyone else gets!
    And I agree about needing a treat; just started on my first take home final...three hours later, I have about 35% done...ugh!!!

  3. I NEED to have one of those cleaning binges! My house is a mess right now. I love your blog!! :)

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