Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm married!!

Well, we're back from Stroudsburg, PA and the wedding and reception were beautiful! It went fast but I feel I enjoyed it as much as possible because we had an amazing wedding planner and she took care of everything! I asked for a drink, done. The a/c to be turned up, done. Anything and everything was taken care of and done beautifully.

The reception.The cake!
The bridesmaids and us.The happy couple!

Its back to the daily grind tomorrow because summer session of the master's begins tomorrow and I am taking three courses this session. I am taking collection development, resources for young adults and public library service. They are all electives for my concentration in archives. There were no archive classes available for the summer; I was a bit upset since I have time to actually do archive visits and do all these crazy assignments. Oh well.

Here we go again!

xx Amy


  1. Congratulations! You look so beautiful and your new hubby looks handsome. Good luck in all of your new classes :)