Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book of the month clutch!

Well, with vacation and everything going on, I totally forgot kate spade was coming out with their book of the month clutches. I think they are soo adorable! I went to the ks at the mall and the only one they had left was Great Expectations (and there was only one of those!!!); out of the three options, it was the one I originally waned, but I would have liked to look at the others just to see the different interiors! There are rumors there will be another added in September, Emma, but no one I've talked to has really heard anything about that.

I can't wait for fall to break this bad boy out! And I am anxiously awaiting my fall Lilly from UTPT; I am going to be styling come September!!


ps, even though I work part-time for ks, they are in no way paying me or making me talk about this adorbs clutch.

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