Thursday, February 17, 2011

Re-Evaluating Spring Lilly

So, the rest of the Lilly line came out and is available online to view; big pictures and zoom available. Yey. I preordered a few items from UTPT during their 9th anniversary party and already got the Jonah and wore it today to many compliments. Love the Jonah dress! And might I add, their giveaway bags were phenomenal! Murfee Scarfs, Lifeguard press items and gift certificates! I am already planning what I want to use mine on!

The other items I preordered from UTPT are...
Margot Shift Print Engineered

Blossom Dress Printed in Hotty Pink First Impression

And I tried on the new Shauna Dress Embroidered in Navy and fell in love last week so I couldn't resist that piece as well!

Other pieces I love (the later shipments are 10x better than the first; like I said before, a bit too 60's inspired for my taste!)
Blossom Dress Jacquard
Gloria Texture Jacquard Sweater

Paley Cardigan Ribbon
Cissy Skirt

Wynne Top

Eryn Dress Stripe (I just wish it came in pink too! Yellow isn't my best color)

All great pieces now on my wish list. My only issue...some of the prices are a bit much! Like the Fitch Shift Jacquard is $268; I think that's a bit much for a pretty plain looking shift dress!
And the Roe top; $158; now my husband is understanding but not for that price! And the Wynne top is darling; but I won't get it unless it goes on sale; $68 is too much for a cotton tank top with a few ruffles; in my opinion.

Also, some of the pieces looked a lot like last years; like the Franco Seersucker. That's one I got last summer and on sale! As well as the Katia Wrap; I already have three and would have liked other wrap/cardigan options.

One thing I have noticed; things are selling out in record time. I'm guessing its because they want to make Lilly more exclusive and are making less of each new style.

What are you thinking? Do you agree or do you love other pieces I didn't mention??

Happy Friday; almost!!



  1. I'm soo envious! I love that Margot shift so much! How gorgeous.

    Spring is almost here! At least you'll be prepared!

  2. i love all the dresses you posted, especially the Blossom Dress Jacquard!