Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saint Valentine came early to my house!

Since its been the craziest weather in a while, I was home again from work yesterday. Meaning I was there when the post man came by. And boy was I excited when I saw a package...addressed to my husband! Well, it was from Jennifer her stuff and have been mentioning for a while I really want a necklace with my monogram on it. Well, I had to wait alllll day till he came home from work at 6 and nicely asked him what was in the package. He was so annoyed! Out of all the times I'm not home and he gets to the mail first, the one time he orders something to be delivered to the house, I'm there to get it! Well, it was good for me because I got my gift early and bad for him because for once he really did listen and get me a good surprise for Valentine's Day!
On my desk at work. Its so pretty!

On me...but taken in the mirror so it's backwards!

I am so excited to wear my necklace today and I absolutely love it and my husband for doing something so lovely for me and thinking of Valentine's day in advance this year since it takes 4 - 6 weeks for them to custom make each piece.

What are you wishing for for Valentine's Day???



  1. oh my word! I absolutely LOVE your necklace!


  2. Can you tell me what size is your necklace?