Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Lilly Shipment!!

Its almost here! The September 25 Lilly shipment!

Goodies such as the Shauna Tunic Dress Engineered in Black Novelty Big Bang
And the Sari Dress Printed in It's Getting Hot In Here
Or the Babs Cable Wrap Stripe in either Blue or Coral
And who could forget the Gisele Dress Silk Twill in Brewster Blue

So many great options...which to choose! And I still haven't even made it through my wish list from the last shipment! Luckily, Under The Palm Tree has been having great deals via their facebook page to help us Lilly lovers get our fix!!! Friend them on facebook or get on their email list; believe me, once you go VIA, you rarely go back to standard Lilly stores!

Hope you are ready for another Fall shipment from Lilly P.; because ready or not, its on its way!!!


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