Wednesday, September 15, 2010

True Prep

I am almost done with True Prep and am loving every minute of it! And Lisa Birnbach is absolutely amazing! I've seen her on Nightline and the Today Show and the woman exudes grace. She truly is exactly what our generation needs; a touch of class and manners!

I do think my favorite part of her Nightline interview was when she said 'We can all be preppy. We can all be well-dressed, well-spoken, good manners, pay a good round at the club.' Being preppy is about social graces and manners; its not all about money anymore, its about being a good person and yes, we would all love to afford Lacoste polos, Lilly shifts and Hermes scarves; but even if you can't, you can still be preppy. I also love in the book when she talks about how thrifty/cheap preppies are; they wear classics until they fall apart and that's okay.

In the words of Beth Dunn; "Collars up!"


  1. I'm so sad I haven't gotten to read this yet! I've been so swamped with school work, I haven't even thought about opening a book. I think I'm going to try to read it in a couple of weeks over my fall break!

  2. I really liked it too. I know it got mixed reviews but I thought it was a kick!