Thursday, January 6, 2011

My New Year's Resolutions were going so well, until...

Lilly and Burberry sent me emails about new arrivals and new sale additions (respectively)!

Is it wrong to buy a new quilted coat in pink fuchsia because I don't wear my black one anymore? It is on sale...
Or how about a new is Three Kings day after all.
And with their New Year, New You promotion, I always love a gift with purchase.
Well, I am going to stick with my wait 24 hours and if I still love it and our finances can handle a little splurge, I will get them this weekend. Maybe I will pick one or the other to be a smidge on track with my spending. Which do y'all like?
Or maybe I should be a good girl and unsubscribe from all these emails so as not to have temptations around! (but its never any fun being good!)


PS, How gorgeous is this little cottage! The pictures are stunning; via NY Times article. I want a house like that; but would definitely need the amenities of heat and running water and such (I'm not much of a country gal!)

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