Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rue La La finds!

There has been a lot of hoopla about Lilly allowing Rue La La to host an online sale with reduced prices but not letting via stores advertise sale prices; and as much of a supporter of independent stores as I am, I missed out on the following items during the online sale and really wanted to get them for this coming summer! So I restricted myself to three items and am saving still to buy, buy, buy during Under the Palm Tree's 9th anniversary event!

I got...
the Blossom in hotty ten speed (love this cut; I have it in another print from the summer and its an amazing dress for those 'fat' days when we've eaten too many shrimp and cheese grits the night before!)
Another Worth shift in Carson's grandstand patch (so excited to finally get this! I missed out on it last summer and was super bummed!)
Cedar Knit lines & vines dress. So fun! Loved it in person but hate buying Lilly at full price unless its necessary!

Last time RLL had an online sale, I spent way too much; I think I did pretty well this time! That is the problem with sales, they get you by making you anxious about someone else getting it from your cart and it doesn't give you time to really think about the purchase.

Hope you all had a fab weekend; and that it was a three day one at that!



  1. I love the blossom in 'Hotty Ten Speed' the most. I'm waiting for my blossom dress to come in the mail from Leapin Lizards, but I got it in 'Hotty Pink I Dahlia'.

    Ooh online shopping can be dangerous! But at least you didn't pay full price for anything!

  2. I was so close to buying the Cedar Knit Lines & Vines dress from Rue La La but had to refrain since I'm trying to cut back on my spending.

    Glad you were able to pick up a few items that you really wanted!

  3. That last dress is perfection, need to check this out, thanks!

  4. Hey sweet Amy - wow you had some fabulous luck at the RLL sale! :) YIPPEE!! You must be so happy! I picked up a pair of sunglasses and of course can't wait until they arrive!

    RE: the Jillie dress, I have not tried it on yet, but I had a feeling it would feel a little loose in the midriff. I was planning on having it tailored to look a little more fitted throughout the waist, if it looked that good on...thank you for the heads up though! I am DYING for the new things to come out for Spring...honestly I was not in LOVE with the Resort collections....Spring looks much more real Lilly, don't you think?

    Hugs and xxx!! xooxxo