Friday, January 28, 2011

New Lilly

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here; Spring Lilly! Now, I was pretty pumped to see this after an IMO lackluster resort but great fall but again, I'm not loving it! Thankfully I got some things from Rue La La recently or I wouldn't have any cute spring dresses! The few I do like are...

Well, it is obvious I love the Shauna; in fact, I'm wearing one right now! These four pieces are the only ones I'm going to say I feel are must haves. Love the updated Shauna with cut out pieces (and that its machine washable!) and the classic Shauna. The Betsy is always a fav and who doesn't love a fresh take on a classic argyle sweater!

My peeves about spring...
The dresses; the Adelson again! Please! Its the same as the other three season's Adelson's with more lace this time!
And the prints are pretty boring; daisy's? To me, there is nothing Lilly about that; it looks like something I saw a few years ago at some consignment shop from bygone years. I also don't love the floral frenzy prints; they don't feel Lilly to me. And the Crane pose in navy...we had it in brown for fall and it sat on sale racks from then till now! I can't wait to see the next wave of Spring; Hotty Pink First Impression looks like a winner and so does Multi Peel and Eat; classic Lilly prints.

I miss the days of Taboo and Not So Crabby and In The Slim and Stuffed Shells and Pandamonium and Alberta Gator and Don't Be Koi and Later Gator and Frisky Business and many many more! Those prints screamed Lilly and when people saw you, they knew it was a Lilly. And I couldn't get enough of these great prints that inspired and made me smile on a bad day.

Am I being an ol' fuddy duddy? I like change but this change doesn't seem Lilly to me; it seems like we are being pushed into the '60's and honestly, that's not some place I want my style going.

That are your thoughts on spring thus far? Loving? Hating? A little 'meh' like me?
Leave me a note in the comments; or if you already blogged about it, give me a link so I can read your thoughts!


PS, all images are from the Lilly Pulitzer official website.

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  1. I am very impressed with the Lily spring collection. Love your blog! I am your newest follower